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russianbrideI was a successful businessman. I had achieved all my coveted goals. I was at the pinnacle of my career. As a result, I now wanted to focus on my personal life. I wished to settle down.  I was keen on Russian brides dating. I was specific about meeting a Russian girl because they make the best wives. Also, they can strike a good balance between their personal as well as professional life. My colleague, who is now married to a Russian woman, gave me the link of the website which helped him meet his wife. I browsed the given website and came across many Russian women. I had a good look over everyone’s profile before taking any decision.

I came across many beautiful women. However, there was one woman whose profile I liked. The girl was extremely beautiful and was from Ukraine. I made up my mind to meet her at least once. After registering myself with the website, I told them that I was particularly interested in the Ukrainian girl. They assured me that they would set me up on a date with her. This would help me know her better. I agreed to this. After a period of two days, I was notified that I was to meet the girl at a nearby café. I was tremendously impressed with the services of Russian brides dating.


I was sitting at the café when a tall, fair woman came up to me and introduced herself. I immediately recognized her. She was the Ukrainian girl. After having a formal conversation, we started discussing each others’ likes and dislikes. I knew her background beforehand. I was also aware of the fact that she was well educated. We seemed quite comfortable with each other. We had a lot in common.

I told her that I was looking for a steady relationship. I was delighted to learn that even she had a similar take. Never did I have an awkward moment with her. I thought that we would be compatible with each other. However, I also considered taking it slow to ensure that everything happened smoothly. I asked her whether we could meet again. I was happy when she replied in affirmative. We contemplated meeting at a bar the next time.

The next time we met, we were talking about love and marriage. We discussed each others’ opinion on the same. She told me that although she was career oriented, she would put her family ahead of her career. I really appreciated this quality of hers. I have observed that there are women who think that they are better off without kids. I am glad that she had a different view. She told me that she cannot imagine her married life without kids.

We got married after dating for three years. We had a wedding exactly like the way both of us had imagined. You can say that we had a fairytale wedding. Currently, we are enjoying the marital bliss. I wish to thank Russian brides dating for making me find my soul mate. Nothing is more beautiful than getting hitched to the person you love.