Dating Tips / Opening Lines that Work

Finding a right partner is a very important step in our life. However, everything starts with meeting people and dating. What to do if Mr. / Mrs. Right haven’t appeared in your life? Sit and wait? The answer is – act! Change the way of introducing yourself and things will change. Even if your techniques seem to work, make a change as you never know how the things can turn out. Below you will find 10 fresh ideas of how to open communication in dating scene.

  1. 1.      Start your conversation with a joke.

A joke is a great icebreaker. If it is funny and not dirty, you have all chances for the conversation to go on. If you hear the person is laughing, don’t waste your time, introduce yourself. If the joke didn’t work, you better leave.


  1. 2.      Make eye contact.

It is not a secret that both men and women like attention, so pay attention to his/her eyes. There is no need to goggle at him/her, just look into his/her eyes and tell how incredible they are.

  1. 3.      Ask his/her piece of advice

Ask for his/her opinion of what you should give your brother for birthday, what place is better to go with your friends for this or that event, etc. Thus, you will show you think he/she has good taste and you trust it.

  1. 4.      Open up

When you introduce yourself on-line, start it with a funny or romantic story; you can also create a riddle the answer to which will discover something about you.

  1. 5.      Act innocent

If you want to introduce yourself and don’t want to show yourself as desperate, needy or overly suggestive, you can tell that you’ve met this person there and there and that you didn’t want to seem impolite not acknowledging him/her.

The Importance of Variety in Your Dating Life –

  1. 6.      Ask for introduction

If you feel really confident and are not afraid to get refusal and won’t get rather emotional, you can approach the person you like and simply ask if he/she would like to meet you.

  1. 7.      Be charming

Try these irresistible and charming open lines to pick up the one you like. For this you will need a confident and playful approach. “If he/she doesn’t show, I’ll be right here waiting for you”, or “There you are! I’ve been looking for you for all my life!”

  1. 8.      Be courageous

Modesty has its pluses and has its place, but it is better to go for it, sometimes. When you size up the situation, you may want just to come up and say how attracted to the person you are and that you would like to spend some time with him/her.

  1. 9.      Walk by, nod, wink, smile and keep on going

If he/she is interested, he/she will follow to introduce him/herself.

  1. 10.  Simple idea

Try the simplest opening line: “Hi, my name is…