How To Attract A Girl You Like – 10 Simple Ways

how-to-attract-a-girlI thought it might be a great idea to write an article on how to attract a girl after telling you about – how to make a girl laugh. The things that I am going to mention in this post are really important for those guys who are always thinking of how to attract a girl.. Also, I will love it if you go through this checklist daily and prevent yourself from doing some serious mistakes…. I am gonna list 10 ways that can help you in how to attract a girl you like the most.. So, it would be great for you, if you follow the guidelines seriously..

How to attract a girl you like

In this post, I am gonna discuss some serious ways that you should follow if you want to attract a girl you like..

1. Do what you like –

As we know that girls are always testing guys when it comes to relationship.. They might call you late night whether to see you are awake or not.. If you are awake, are you talking to some other girl via text or something else… If you are sleeping, and wake up with a phone call of the girl you like, then you should not pick that call.. She is just testing you… Just avoid that and keep sleeping…

2. Always attract her instead of impressing her –

If you are one of those guys who are trying to win a woman’s attraction by buying her nice things, taking her out to some exotic place for dinner and doing all kinds of things to impress her. Well, then you should stop doing these things.. Dude, you need to attract her from your personality not impress her with these kind of stuffs..

3. Do not ask for one night stand –

We all know that women love having s*x as much as men do.. But, the main difference is between the way of approaching for it.. Girls love it when you do spontaneously and also being romantic at that time.. While I have seen men making serious mistakes while asking about one night stand.. If you hold her from back surprisingly, and do opposite of what she expects from you then she will be one who will initiate within few dates..


4. Be genuine –

In the last point, you have read about doing opposite of whatever she wants.. Women want a men who is genuine.. They want a fun loving guy who do everything from his heart, not what the girl likes.. So, if you are nice to everyone, you should be nice to the girl whom you like.. Don’t be too nice to show how good you are.. Being genuine will surely help you to attract a girl you like..

5. Don’t change your plans –

Well, girls do like those guys who are with them.. Yeah, this is important.. But, you should not change your already made plans just for her convenience.. If you’re always in a habit of answering her phone call, then you are making yourself too available for her.. If you are busy somewhere, let it be… Text her to call back as you are busy doing something.. She’ll understand that.. Don’t ever cancel your meetings and appointments when you are dating a particular girl.. If you cancel your appointments for her, she will never be able to understand how important your work is..

6. Don’t be dependent on her –

Nothing is worse than a man who doesn’t know what he wants and who leaves all the decision – making up to his woman instead. Remember one thing, a girl likes that guy who is confident about his decision.. Girls don’t want the overwhelming pressure of making all the decisions.. If you are always asking her before doing anything, she might think that you’re dependent on her and this is not a good sign for you..

7. Don’t promise that you can’t make –

This is similar to trying to impress a woman instead of attract her. If you are always talking big things, and always fail to do, then you will never be able to attract her.. You might impress her at one point, but you will be able to attract her only if you prove yourself.. Its better to be a man of few words and let your actions do the talking.

8. Be interested in her –

Are you trying to be interesting? If so, then you should seriously STOP! This is the main reason why you are unable to attract a girl.. Instead of being interesting, you should be interested in them.. Girls always wanted to know whether you are interested in them or not? Instead of talking every time, you should listen to them seriously what they are trying to say you.. This is what every girl wanted in you.. Don’t keep on telling about yourself.. Just ask something related to her and then, listen to her..

Couple taking photo with mobile phone

9. Challenge her –

If you are too busy in just impressing a girl, trying to give whatever she wants and being too nice every time, then you will never be able to attract a girl.. If she asks to do blah blah things for her, you should say NO to her 3 out of 10 times.. If you always say YES and agree to her, then she will never be attracted to you.. Remember, saying no to a girl is a great way to build attraction to pass her tests.

10. Just Do It –

If you are always asking her to go out whether she will say YES or NO, then you should stop doing this.. Just tell her to go out on this day (you should tell her some days before).. Girls love surprises and she will surely appreciate it. If you are asking her to go out for a movie or some dinner, then it’s a clear sign that you prefer to let her lead.. If you wanted to go out for a dinner with her, just tell her few days before that you have booked this table and we are going out on this day. How she responds is none of your business, if she don’t have other plans for that day, she will definitely come with you.. If you keep this attitude, you will get a lot more positive response from her side..