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Local dating servicesI was registered on your site Chicagopersonalsads.com for almost a year, when Arthur sent me message with some questions, I decided to answer him and tried not to be banal. Three days we had an interesting, informative correspondence. Then he asked my number and then call. We started talking on the phone and in about a week we met in real life. I liked him. And he liked me. During a month we were dating in different places.

After 2 months e began to live together. Parents and friends,  immediately liked him! A friend said that he behaves very reserved, but he is interesting interlocutor, and he embraced me very often. This is the man I pictured myself in my dreams. He’s all I need! Sometimes we argue about some stupid little things, but we really love each other. We care about each other, we want our house away from the city, two red cats, and daughter.

We are learning to be together, and to understand each other. Being a family – it is work, it is work on yourself. We quickly realized this and tried hard! We are very similar, equally strong, and as much vulnerable. We continue to express our love, attention and affection. We both are happy that we have met each other.

Sometimes I feel sorry that we have met so late, but then I remember that before I had other priorities and desires, and he just would not have a chance. We did not have a chance. Now we have the same ideas about family, about responsibility, and duties. We have become one. May 17 we walked with Arthur on the beach at the Gulf of Finland, and he proposed to me. He got up on one knee and gave a beautiful ring. As he has conservative views, he first asked my father, before making me proposal.

I wanted to sign here, “quietly“, and to combine the wedding ceremony and honeymoon in one trip. Arthur did not argue with that, but said that he would like to arrange a wedding for all the relatives and friends. I explained to him that I had already eight times changed my mind, and came to such a concept.

When I told him everything in detail, he  was shoked, but soon returned with smile on his face. In addition, his family and mine, fully supported such a plan! Now he is happy that our wedding would take place in this way.

We have already bought tickets and wedding tour on a secluded island Cerf Seychelles archipelago. October 13th we fly away, and the 17th is symbolic ceremony. Beach wedding dresses are ready.

We are grateful that we were able to find each other on Chicago local dating service. We will be glad if our story will give hope to someone and will be proof that dreams do come true!

Chicago local dating service

On the site we found some useful advice how to organize celebrations on the beach.

  • If the wedding will be held on the beach, a special attention should be approached to the menu choice. It should not include perishable foods, complex dishes and spirits. It is better to organize a buffet with snacks and “Tropical” bar with low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Today, many newlyweds prefer catering (food service at a remote site). Experts think through all the details, including the placement of tents, canopies and a dance floor. Also on their care about the selection of appropriate dishes, preparation of menus and so on so forth. (In the case of self-organization of the wedding will have to take care about all this yourself and this is very troublesome).
  • Unobtrusive service will allow guests and the newlyweds relax and tune in to a wave of fun. Entertainment on the beach should be active, but not extreme. It is better to exclude swim speed and other competitions in the water and to give preference to the ground (volleyball, race in rescue circles, etc.).