Russian bride’s adventures in the internet


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Elena, twenty nine years old: “my story started from divorce, it was very hard for me to get rid of my husband for good. I stayed all by myself with a child, and my son was a bit less than one year old. The first thing that i have done was filling a few profiles on different dating agencies, all of them were Russian ones, as i could not imagine where I will be able to find a decent man in the age between thirty years old to thirty eight years old. At home there was a computer, at the beginning it looked more like a game, I was writing and they were replying to me, they were writing a lot, and there were many things to read, but all of those things have finished as soon as I got a few phone calls, one of the men who called asked me to go out to a private sauna- which he called a “perfect” place for the first date. The other men who called me were offering me almost same thing. I was amazed and not pleasantly surprised as there was no hint on something like that in my letters or profile, but i am glad that i have spent my time on this websites, because due to them i got a very good friend with who i correspond till current days, we have a lot in common, he lives in Lithuania, and somehow right from the beginning we agreed that we will stay friends only for each other.

So i thought a little bit and decided to place my profile on some international website, and here how everything has started. The first letter that i got really astonished me, it was something sort of “Hi I am Roger, you are a gorgeous lady who looks sexy (though i didn’t place any pictures of me being in a bathing suit) only some pictures that i done at home, and also i mentioned everywhere i could in the profile that I look for a man who is willing a serious relationship, same as i am. Another letter also made me very upset “i am an agent, my clients are some very wealthy people, and would you like to join us for a travel into some exotic spot of our planet?”- How can a person normally react on something like that?!

So i “spilled” on all of this idea, for some time more I kept reading some naive letters the hidden text of which was very obvious to me, and after that I decided, that something is wrong with the websites on which I was posted, so I found a different one, that was approximately in April. And it got started again, during one day I got fifty letters. I thought for a long time that should I answer, and wrote the reply only on two letters, one was written by a nice man from Switzerland, and the other one by a German one who was a professor, and as i later found out he was also a president of some mass media company. The next day i replied a few others, but that German man has captured my attention completely, he called me a few times, i sent him a parcel with my book, some magazines that published my articles, and pictures of my native city. In the internet i found the address of his company and called him by myself, we planned a meeting in Moscow, where I was supposed to be in a few weeks, while visiting my brother, he even wrote my brother’s phone number, but before my trip from Kiev to Moscow i didn’t got any news from him, and only sometime later he wrote that he was at a funeral, and now he is very busy with some business, he didn’t said anything whether he will come or not to Moscow, so i kept running into internet cafe almost every day, but he didn’t come.Man kissing passionatly his wife in park

And that is how i realized that I should not chase some pretty guys, i should find a man who in the first place will have a good soul, and only in the second place he will handsome only, as physical attractiveness has nothing to do with being a good person. That is how i met Frank, who starting from the second letter was already very attentive not only about me, but about my son Nikita as well, and that was one of the most pleasant feelings in the world, accepting the idea that someone will be able to love my child, same as i do. Four years have passed since our first meeting, we got married quite fast, and today we are the parents of two great children, of Nikita and one years old Laura.