Dating real Russian girls

Dating real Russian girlsAs the name of the website suggests, this website has been created with the aim of letting you meet the real, not fake, Russian girls. We are all aware of the increasing number of fraud on the dating websites and there are some tips, outlined in another article on this website, where we give you clues that indicate that you are talking to a fake person. All in all, the focus of this particular article will be concentrated on an important issue of how one should date Russian girls. The answer is not that easy as it might seem from the first glance. There is an infinite number of different scenarios and circumstances that cannot be recalled here. Nevertheless, some general and basic rules are outlined further on.

Well, Russians are also humans like the rest of the mankind. Of course, there are several cultural differences between the nations. And even within Russia there are a lot of different features that mark every single nation. Therefore, the Russian women follow the same dating rules as the others, but at the same time require some special attention in specific aspects.

To begin with, you should be showing your strong points, postpone revealing your weak ones as you should gain her trust as well as you should be confident in her. Thereby, try to emphasize your achievements, your hobbies and your work. However, there is one main difference between the Western ladies and Russian girls. While it is very common to have very high self-esteem at the West because everyone values achievements and education emphasizes the importance of valuing yourself as high as possible, the Russians, in general, have another point of view. Undoubtedly, every woman desires to have a boyfriend of whom she will be proud and can tell about him to her friends and relatives, but at the same time the Russian girls do not like too arrogant men who are basically admiring themselves, thus, putting themselves above their women. The Russian girl wants to know your strong points and achievements, but still be aware that you value her and will always admire her (not flattering). She should know that she is very important for you and you will always choose her and not your Russian girls

Another characteristic that is highly appreciated by Russian girls is honesty. Being honest means that she literally knows everything about your life, past, present and future. Russian girls do not like the more Western type of relations when each part has its own life and does not bother to close the gap with his or her couple. In response, she will be open to you as well. However, beware the fact that many Russian girls nowadays are admiring the Western style of relations and, therefore, will require honesty from you, but won’t give it to you in response. Therefore, do not open yourself excessively during the first weeks or even months of relationships. Disclose your secrets gradually when you see her opening to you as well.

Another point is that you need not to be nervous too much. Every Russian girl wants to see a real strong man beside her because the history of Russia had put a lot of strain and burdens on Russian women in the past. This genetic memory forms a specific type of strong character. Therefore, she should feel that you lead the couple; she should be confident in you, knowing that if anything happens, you will always come to help her out without looking for pretexts for not to come.

So, these are just a few key rules that you are advised to follow when dating a Russian girl. However, do not forget that there are no general rules, every single person is unique.