The pros and cons of speed dating for seniors you never thought about

senior-man-fishingSpeed dating for seniors started in 1998 as a social experiment. It was a safe, cheap, and psychologically comfortable way to meet someone new for people limited by age or any inner insecurities. It didn’t change much since and became quite popular in all parts of the world. Some consider it a bit boring that’s why modern dating sites and clubs add new features to this now-classical service. Potential partners can play board games together, slow dance or do other short-time activities. Thanks to the popularity of this kind of dating, it’s not difficult today to meet seniors in your area.

The high demand for speed dating is understandable: so many aged people are bounded by shyness, conservative thinking, certain physical weakness, geographical location or other factors still being sexually active and curious. Senior women seeking men are usually independent, compromising, and caring. They rarely have huge sexual appetites and may search for a friend with benefits who can be their daily companion and a travel partner. Some of them are in a great physical shape and others not, but in any case, this category of women tends to be reliable and relaxing. Their children are adults already and the wedding bells aren’t their priority anymore. Their short temper and extended demands are also in the past. They are looking to share hobbies and enjoying life together without too many responsibilities.

However, the disadvantages of speed dating for seniors should also be taken into consideration.

  1. The number of participants is limited so one doesn’t really have a choice.
  2. It’s a paid service and it can be a problem for retired people as more as it should be re-ordered several times for better results.
  3. At this age, the majority of people lose their attractiveness so one should be prepared to go for inner qualities.
  4. Many seniors are married and have stable families so one is probably going to meet widowers, divorced men or never married weirdos.
  5. This event is severely controlled so one cannot really express himself or be spontaneous. The contacts of other participants are also given in strict accordance with certain rules, usually on a second day. One doesn’t have any possibilities to contact someone he liked without mutuality so persistence and courtship just won’t help.
  6. Wealthy seniors are mostly into international dating with young Slavic or Asian beauties so if one has financial interests, it’s better to be aware that chances are close to zero.
  7. The event is mostly aimed to entertain lonely people and kill the time so no one really expects any serious outcome.senior-man-on-cycle-ride-in-countryside

Senior dating should be seen as a separate kind of interaction that has nothing to do with sugar daddy/momma category or cougar dating. It usually brings together single people of the same age and opposite sex who didn’t find a partner offline. Speed dating for seniors is a regular service organized by the third party that provides all participants with the place to meet (from a small club to a fancy restaurant), snacks, drinks, and certain games or cultural events helping to smooth the process of acquaintance. It takes several hours and suggests that you receive the contacts of your mutual chosen ones on a second day.

The scheme of the event is planned and standardized so the participants cannot make an influence on it. However, such a structured and controlled nature of the event gives a feeling of psychological protection to insecure people and provides a sincere communication with a no-scam guarantee. For lonely seniors who live an isolated life, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air and a hope for positive changes. Although it cannot be called a highly effective measure to find one’s special person, it’s still appreciated by people who are too introverted, conservative or thrifty for arranging a real classical first date.

Best Senior Dating Apps

On another hand, many perceive it as a nice amusing game that sometimes brings new friends and very rarely, new partners. Famous speed dating sites claim their results are stably high, but a simple logic says that high results demand much more preparation such as gathering people from different geographic locations, questioning and testing them, involving a match-making psychologist and so on. For now, it’s just a light and fun alternative for senior women seeking men and vise-versa that allows to brighten the lonely evening. Some people become constant clients, particularly encouraged by the discounts, and it turns to their hobby.senior-physiotherapis