Tips for Getting Noticed

So, you are active on the dating scene. Going out ends with no results?  People seem not noticing you or you were invited for a date, however, this didn’t develop further on? If, so the following tips would be helpful to present yourself best to the others.  See how you rate yourself in every area you read about below. It is also good to ask your friends for their observations on this matter.

Present yourself as a confident person with healthy self-esteem.

As a rule, people are attracted to confident people, feeling good about themselves. This will also turn you on as you will feel sexy and desirable and others would feel the same about you. If you have troubles with low self-esteem, this is the first thing you should work on in your personality. You need to learn feeling positive about yourself and others; there is no need to be extremely confident. Keep in mind that when you treat yourself with respect, others would also treat you the same way.

Be Yourself

Never try to pretend to be someone, who you are not. You risk looking not only insincere, but you will feel very awkward and would make others feel uncomfortable about you. When you try to look cool and aggressive, you usually end up looking awkward and unapproachable. What you need is to relax, and be natural. Thus, people around you would get to know you and like you for who you are. Remember, that people, who have success at meeting others present their best (true) side.

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Be enthusiastic and smile

A smile can change your inapproachability. Ensure the expression of your face is open and inviting. Keep eye contact, show you are open to meeting new people and you are happy to be there. If you get someone’s interest back – this is the beginning of your interaction.

Look your best

Always, when you go out, make sure you look great, well-groomed, charming and have appropriate clothes on. Your entire look should be attractive and it is not about perfect body shape or face. It is about your knowledge of presenting yourself in the best light.

Have prepared good opening lines

Though, natural conversation is the best, you may be at a loss when you catch the interest of a person you are attracted to. That is why it makes sense to think of good opening lines before you go out. For instance, “Your drink looks good, what is it?”, “I noticed you standing here alone, maybe you need a company?”, “Hi, my name is… what is your name?”

Always bear in mind that you can also get rejections, this is a part of the process, so be ready for this as well. Good luck in your dating hunt!