Who needs swing?

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Swinging – is not a random sexual contact of a group of people. In Birminghamin, such couples suggests swapping partners with exact same minded couples and with all the attendant consequences. These couples are driven by their own fantasies. If you time to time practice sessions with different groups of people, it does not give you the right to be called a “swinger.” Only couples who practice the exchange of sexual partners can be called that way, because only then they achieve this experience and pleasure.

Social surveys showed that swingers Birminghamin are mostly interested not in sex itself but the experience and pleasure they get through the exchange. Sometimes these people enter into this kind of sexual relaxation to determining the motive of their communication in sex. Despite the apparent freedom of manners and broadmindedness, swingers prove to people whose lives are subject to strict ethical canons. For example, orthodox swing couples come furious if they find out that someone come to a swing party with a prostitute because such actions would jeopardize the union between man and a woman. Group sex and swing are two different things. If group sex is just random people or a group of friends that want to have sex with each other, not relying on inner world, then swingers are couples that come to a complete different level of trust and pleasure exchange.

Swinging can be “open” – when couples copulating in front of each other, and “closed” when, after a joint dinner and a common program, couples switch to further reconciliation, complete and irrevocable. Both forms are very popular and have many supporters and contradictors. Such approaches would entirely eliminate the fact of adultery because everything is on the eyes. In addition, the effect of “spying” for another couple may exacerbate the feelings.

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